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The Space Crew

We are looking for companions to join our first-of-its-kind journey, not just sharing the treasures. There are a maximum of 777 positions on the spaceship. Each position includes a unique NFT, think of it as your avatar or ID in this journey. The NFT will be your right in optional quest participations.

You can claim and level up your NFT using $KEEY (you still keep $KEEY after claiming NFT). Each position has a different title and level. The Title defines the inventory, skills, and extra benefits. Among the same title, a higher level means better inventory, skills, and extra benefits.

*All this information will be revealed in later stages. Let the wind unfold our destiny as we sail through the wild open-metaverse.

Volta Do Mar

We have learnt to perfect Volta do mar, or “turn of the space”. Our crew starts the exploration right after the assembly. For every World, we will cycle through 5 steps of Volta do mar.

  1. 01


    Announcement of the World's name and the general information

  2. 02


    In-depth understanding of the treasures and methods to obtain

  3. 03


    Actually engagement

  4. 04


    Obtain the Treasure and evaluation of its true value

  5. 05


    Distribution of Treasure

Use of Funds

All the funds committed by the crew members will be allocated to three main purposes:

  • 80% Warchest, for the treasure obtaining process (investment)
  • 15% Ship, for the build of our ship and everything around (community)
  • 5% Ration, for the operation of the whole Iron Sail movement (team)

Beyond the Maps

Hidden Wealths

Legend has it that there are also unknown treasures scattered across the Seven Seas. Along the way, our crew have options to hunt these wealth on their own wills and expenses. We will give an immediate notice when a hidden wealth appears.

The MetaPiece

The Ultimate Treasure of the Pirate King! While remaining a myth, MetaPiece is believed to leave its traces in ancient relics across the high sea. We will know we encounter one.


Jsquare is a crypto investment and advisory company aiming to be the top-tier investment institution in the blockchain industry. The team has rich experience in investment, especially the founder James Wo, a serial entrepreneur and experienced investor who founded DFG in 2015 with assets under management of over $1 billion. To further empower promising projects, James co-founded Jsquare with Joanna Liang, investing in and offering strategic advisory to top-rated projects at all stages.

Master Ventures

Backed by prominent families and investors in Asia, Everest Ventures Group is a team of serial entrepreneurs, VCs, and financiers in their 20s & 30s, with venture partners and sister companies on both sides of the Pacific. They co-found and seed companies with resourceful groups to address the paradigm-shifting opportunities in the blockchain space and identify and support promising companies with strategic capital.

Kardia Ventures

Kardia Ventures is a dedicated Crypto-centric fund and served as the Investment Arm for KardiaChain, the leading blockchain technology company in Vietnam. The Kardia Ventures portfolio is experienced in both traditional finance and emergent blockchain technology. They target investments in Seed, Private and Public Rounds launched by promising projects that seek to decentralize the global economy and add value to the blockchain ecosystem.

Spark Digital Capital

Spark Digital Capital is a research-focused crypto fund that invests in the future of blockchain and tech. Founded in 2018, they have funded multi successful projects in the crypto market such as 1inch, The Graph, Hopr, Star Atlas. Their investment focus on Blockchain Infrastructure, Blockchain Mass-adoption, Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized Finance.

Good Games Guild

Good Games Guild is a Gaming Hub that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by optimizing its owned assets to generate maximum rewards. GGG believes the future of gaming will be on the NFT & Blockchain technology, so they strive to become the biggest hub for the virtual world economy, NFT Gaming Community, and Marketplace.

Bitscale Capital

Founded in 2018, Bitscale Capital is a venture capital firm based in Switzerland. The firm seeks to invest in seed-stage, early-stage, and later-stage companies. The firm prefers to invest in big data, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, the internet of things, fintech, and technology.

Morningstar Ventures

Morningstar Ventures was founded in early 2020. They soon realized that besides investing, they shared a common interest in building products, helping teams grow, and pushing blockchain adoption in specific regions of the world that were dear to them. With these values, Morningstar Ventures was set up to be more than just an investment fund. Besides actively deploying capital and supporting early-stage teams, we spend a lot of time building.


Founded in 2015, DFG manages more than $1 billion in assets by actively investing in a variety of global blockchain and Web3.0 projects and empowering their growth that will cause a paradigm shift. With its presence in Asia, North America, and the Middle East, DFG continues to search for the best entrepreneurial teams and investment opportunities that will secure the industry’s future with bold innovation.
DFG aims to continue its performance in volatile markets and the development of specialized expertise, market access, and partnerships. Furthermore, DFG is willing to provide its analysis and exclusive insights to the industry and constantly improve its overall influence as a trustworthy investment firm.

DV Darkpool

The exploration of the New World led us far. Through the Kingdom of Defi Pets and the Land of Thetans, we finally arrived, at the beginning of a greater journey that is. In front of us, the open ocean is calling.

Welcome to the Iron Sail spaceship!
You are on the Metaverse gateway where those who trust in the future of the blockchain industry and invest
as collective groups and receive benefits from the best GameFi projects!
This is our adventure. This is your story. Come aboard and earn your treasures.