My Defi Pet

15 /// 04 /// 2022

My Defi Pet – The first success that inspired the creation of Iron Sail!

The Land of Defi Pets

The Land of Defi Pets

Overview of the Lore of Pet

My Defi Pet is standing as one of the originals in the GameFi market. The NFT game combines DeFi, collectibles, breeding, PvE and PvP battles for players to earn $DPET token.

My Defi Pet has introduced players to 10 pet genres, 10+ habitats along many interesting features. This allows players to have diverse future generations and assemble the strongest Pet armies possible to experience 7 seasons and win attractive rewards.

Friendly gameplay aside, off-game activities on the marketplace is busy as ever. Players can trade pets with each other on the robust NFT marketplace, which makes investors excited to join in this #PlaytoEarn model.

Winners of the Grand Tournament

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