Sail the Open-Metaverse!

We are on the Whydah space ship to sail the open-metaverse, explore the breathtaking planets with glorious treasures.


Taking inspiration from space pirate mythos, we access the Iron Sail hub as collective groups to conquer the best seven promising GameFi projects, deemed as the worlds around the metaverse.

The exploration of the New World led us far. Through the Kingdom of Defi Pets and the World of the Divines  we finally arrived, at the beginning of a greater journey that is. Above of us, the open galaxy is calling. And with the treasure maps in hand, we are thrilled to race on the space! But before that, we need to assemble the crew, elite passengers who prove worthy to the journey of the Seven Worlds.

Exploring the galaxy

The Seven Worlds

So far, our Space Crew have successfully collected 7 treasure maps. The treasure lies in different parts of the Seven Worlds. Each piece alone is worth 10x or even 100x of the effort required. All found treasures have a maximum of 2,500 shares, claimable using our unique master keys or $KEEY.

Mytheria — The World of the Divines

Mytheria — The World of the Divines

Mytheria is a card game with the essence of a board game brought on a virtual platform for everyone to join in. The game’s concept is about the pantheons from many ancient civilizations and cultures across the world battling for honor and glory. The Pantheons first introduced in the games are The Greek Olympians, The Egyptian Deities, The Chinese Gods, and the Vietnamese Gods.

Visit The World of the Divines

Ark Rivals — The World of Ark

Ark Rivals — The World of Ark

An epic sci-fi action strategy NFT game of resources war, global economy control, political domination that are fully base in UGC (User Generated Content). Choose the side among 5 Factions, buy the land and enter the global wars for claiming the top Faction Resources which can be earned and mined later.

Overleague – The World of Motors

Overleague – The World of Motors

Overleague is a unique freemium GameFi with a futuristic racing experience and car enthusiast simulation that fits both hardcore gamers and NFT car collectors to enjoy an AAA gaming experience and explore benefits from both online and offline activities.

Krabots – The World of Robot Fight

Krabots – The World of Robot Fight

Krabots is a virtual robot auto-combat game that can turn anywhere to be your showdown battlefield and show off your ingenious engineering skill.

Forge Your Master Keys

Anyone can forge a $KEEY by contributing $10,000. A person can forge more than 1 $KEEY. There are only
2,500 $KEEY available to forge. All un-forge $KEEY will be destroyed after we set sail.

Your share of the Seven Treasures is equivalent to the percentage of your $KEEY holding and the total $KEEY.

The Crew

We are looking for companions to join our first-of-its-kind journey, not just sharing the treasures. There are a maximum of 777 positions on the spaceship. Each position includes a unique NFT, think of it as your avatar or ID in this journey. The NFT will be your right in optional quest participations.

See Hidden Wealth and The MetaPiece

  • You can claim and level up your NFT using $KEEY (you still keep $KEEY after claiming NFT).
  • Each position has a different title and level.
  • The Title defines the inventory, skills, and extra benefits.
  • Among the same title, a higher level means better inventory, skills, and extra benefits.

*All this information will be revealed in later stages. Let the wind unfold our destiny as we sail through the open metaverse.


  • What is the purpose of the Iron Sail?

    Iron Sail is borne out of the belief that blockchain-based gaming is key to the development of an open metaverse, one which is inclusive and prioritizes user experience. This belief underpins the launch of Iron Sail, and we have been working closely with stakeholders from across the industry to create quality GameFi projects that serve as the gateway to the open metaverse. 

    Each project represents a ‘world’ and with the creation of each ‘world’, we harness the potential of blockchain technology and the gamification of financial activities (GameFi) to create the foundation of the open metaverse – one which will see the convergence of physical and virtual worlds.

  • How does Iron Sail plan to use the US$25 million funding it received and to expand the business?

    The funding will primarily fuel the growth of Iron Sail, and that includes bolstering the team behind Iron Sail, quality game studios, and also making strategic investments to strengthen the operations and processes of the company. Part of the fund will also go into marketing and PR, to educate the public on Iron Sail and what we are trying to do. 

    It is important to note that beside GameFi projects, Iron Sail is also focused on the creation of a rich and diverse metaverse experience – and this involves the development of a variety of applications and services. As an example, Iron Sail is working with Raramuri to host the first ever metaverse marathon project, where participants will gather to run virtually in June this year. We are also working on a metaverse fashion event that will take place later this year.

  • How GameFi's contribution to the growth of the metaverse?

    GameFi holds the key to an open and inclusive metaverse experience. The use of digital assets such as NFT bridges the physical and virtual worlds, allowing the seamless flow of value between what’s virtual and what’s real. 

    The in-game, cross-game and off-game aspects of GameFi also facilitates the trading of NFT and crypto, and this is really foundational to the development of the metaverse economy. With GameFi, we are able to combine the gaming experience with financial engagement, and this is important in helping us connect investors, developers and users – this will essentially form the bedrock of societies within the metaverse. 

Welcome to the Iron Sail spaceship!
You are on the Metaverse gateway where those who trust in the future of the blockchain industry and invest
as collective groups and receive benefits from the best GameFi projects!
This is our adventure. This is your story. Come aboard and earn your treasures.