Raypier — Artist of the week #5 of the GodForge Contest: “I expect this game to be a success”

28 /// 01 /// 2022

An Interview with Raypier

Peerasak Senalai (Raypier) is a 2D Artist with 8 years of experience in the game and illustration industry. He is selected to be Artist of the Week #5 of the Godforge Contest.

As an experienced artist, Raypier does not usually participate in contests, but he decided to give the Godforge Contest a try.

Let’s have a talk with him!

Q: What’s your specialization in your industry?
A: Illustration, Character design and pre-production.

Q: Could you tell us more about your professional skills? Where and how did you learn and practise those skills?
A: I learn mostly by myself through increasingly challenging work. Personally, I believe that real work helps me to develop my skills.

Q: How did you know about GodForge and why did you join the contest?
A: Recently I have been interested in GameFi and my brother sent me news about the contest. Game illustration is something I understand very well, So I gave it a try.

Q: Tell us more about the idea behind this Art of the Week. Why did you choose this character?
A: From what I researched, there are not many female gods in this game. I started to think from that point. I wanted to do something a bit different from other cards, so I found Isis to be interesting, unique while still challenging to design. I chose to make this goddess look friendly and bright, different from other gods. But at the same time, it’s deadly enough to make you feel her power.

Q: Which tool did you use to paint this?
A: Photoshop

Q: How long did it take for you to paint this? Did you face any difficulty?
A: I actually don’t have much time to do this at the end of the year. It took me about 3–4 days but I wish I had more time.

Q: How do you feel when a God/Goddess in your culture is now well-known by many people from different countries?
A: Actually, there are many Thai gods. At the beginning of the design, I have chosen one of the Thai gods. But with limited time, I can’t design it well enough. So I choose Egyptian goddesses instead.

Q: Imagine, if your God/Goddess is made into a playing card, which skill do you want your character to have?
A: I thought it would be fun if my goddess had the ability to summon minions. and use them to fight for her. She also can heal and bless them in the distance.

Q: Many audiences praised your painting. Do you want to say something to your overseas supporters?
A: I am very grateful. I don’t work very often in contests. It feels good when people like our work. It gives you the strength to continue working. Therefore, thank you very much to everyone including the team.

Q: Mytheria aims at giving artists all over the world a place where they can create an epic battle among Gods while earning money by creating artworks or stories. We want to be a long-term partner with the artist community. What do you think about this?
A: I’m happy to hear that. It’s hard to make a card game for everyone to enjoy. And it’s very difficult to give artists the opportunity to do their work the way they want. So I expect this game to be a success.

Q: Do you know about MYRA — the token of Mytheria? What will you do with MYRA tokens if you get this by joining the Create-to-Earn platform?
A: I’m interested in going in and playing around with it for a bit. Even though I’m bad at playing card games.

Q: One of the biggest issues for artists right now is copyright infringement, have you ever encountered or heard about such a thing? Using NFT art, copyright is guaranteed as it is not simple to “steal” the art and use it freely without permission. How do you think this could help artists in the future?
A: I think NFT is an opportunity, but it still doesn’t help with piracy issues. NFT is a gray market right now. There are both good and bad sides. You can see pirated NFT everywhere (I mean copying and selling without permission). It might be good if in the future the digital files are all NFT, so we can check easily.

Thank you for loving us and joining the God Forge community. We wish you all the best in your current and future endeavors.

About GodForge:
GodForge community is the world’s 1st Creator platform where artists, players, writers and game designers worldwide could imagine the Gods and Mortals in different mythologies battling in the world of Mytheria and make good income.

About Mytheria:

Mytheria is a Create-to-earn Trading Card Game that aims to build a Creator Economy in which Creators can create and earn from their contributions.

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