Mytheria Update #493 – New Content Coming!

10 /// 02 /// 2022

New Content

Day 3 of Alpha Launch is almost finished with all the excitement in the Mytheria community. Thank you all for the valuable bug reports to make the game better in the future.

Our team is already working on bug fixes for the first batch of reports. You’ve made our job a thousand times more enjoyable, and for that, we thank you. We are compiling your bug reports and will start to send the Bug Bounty reward to you soon after the event.

We only have 1 day left to play in Alpha Launch, let’s make this count! Join the Mytheria community on social media so you won’t miss any updates from us.

For Mytherians with tomorrow’s game schedule, please pay attention to your email, we will send you login information 1 hour before playing shift. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the email. See you soon!

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